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Dorian Lesnic, CEO of cardneto

“We connect you with right people and remain good first impression!”

In cardneto we create multiple things that simplify networking. Our mission is to turn offline meetings, conferences into place where people could make contacts even if they knew each other few minutes ago! We produce digital cards that are more customizable and business card that can be shared via QR codes or website links, and open instantly in a phone browser when shared.

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Why professionals need to use it?

Most people form opinions about a person or a company from the very first meeting. Cardneto digital business cards are designed to make sure that your first meeting leaves a lasting impression that will form a future communication.

With our digital cards, not only is your contact information always saved when you connect with others, but they can also quickly share their information with you.

How does it work?

Get a digital card

Start by signing up on Cardneto to create your own digital business card. It's like having a virtual version of your business info that you can easily share.


Fill your card contacts

Tell us your contact details, social media links, and a little about yourself. We've made it super easy to update and keep your digital card info current.


Use it and make connections

When you meet someone at events, just share your digital card by scanning a QR code or attaching it to a phone. It's a quick way to keep your professional network growing with.



Get to know why Cardneto is a great way to connect and grow your network with these functionalities.

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Multiple Integrations

Make your profile unique by adding your social media, work info, and more. When someone scans your Cardneto digital business card, they see everything about you, making it super easy to connect and chat.

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Digital profile

You will have a Linktree digital profile on the internet that people could have access to if they scan your Cardneto digital business card. Customize it, integrate services you want so people could communicate with you!

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Collect leads

With Cardneto, it's simple to keep track of who's interested in you. Find out who has connected with you. Whether you meet people in person or online, Cardneto helps you connect and expand your connections effortlessly.

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It’s in your browser

Digital profile is just a click away with Cardneto, right in your browser. No need for extra apps – it's all there at your fingertips. Networking becomes a breeze, and you can connect with others wherever you are on your professional journey.

Cardneto Digital Business Cards

Great product which saves time!

In just few steps and several seconds we exchange contacts without writing persona information in notes or surfing the internet! It’s very simple to use and saves a lot of time! Need for professionals!

Eugeniu  Kanski

Eugeniu Kanski

Journalist at Business Class